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Growing Engagement in Your Facebook Group 

One of the greatest benefits of having a thriving Facebook Group for your business is ENGAGEMENT with your clients.  Engagement in your Group means increased reach which leads to more engagement… and that’s the whole point, right? 

Here are a few of the top tactics that have been proven to raise the overall engagement levels of Facebook groups:

Welcome New Members of Your Group

Everyone likes to be greeted.  Hopefully, no one walks into your business without someone saying “hello” as soon as they step through your door.  Welcoming new members to your group regularly is the first step in establishing a personal relationship with that member from the outset.  This helps your members feel included and comfortable enough to open up so they can share their thoughts easily with the group.

Facebook makes it simple to welcome your new members.  In your members section of the group dashboard, there’s a button that says “write welcome post” and it will automatically tag all your new members for that week.  Just keep in mind that members are considered new only for their first 7 days in the group.  

Make It Simple for Members to Engage With Your Group

One thing you’ll want to include in your welcome posts, is an invitation to the new members to introduce themselves.  Posting in a group for the first time can be a bit unnerving for some people, so asking them to simply introduce themselves lowers that barrier and gets them engaging quickly.  

When people introduce themselves, they feel valued and they consider the group a safe place to open up.  This will help make it easier for members to engage in the group moving forward.

You can also direct message the members in your group which may also help get them more involved in the group.  

Model the Engagement You’re Wanting From Your Members

Chances are, if you don’t like, comment, and respond to others, your group members won’t either.  As a group admin, it’s your responsibility to initiate consistent engagement.  When members see you engaging, it eliminates the fear of being the first to speak up and your members will feel more comfortable with doing the same.  If you want to see better engagement in your group, check in on your group regularly (keep your eye on your notifications so your response time will be quick). 

Ready to implement the three tips and discover even more secrets to help you begin to grow your Facebook Group? Visit www.SourceMediaGroupLLC.com/FBcourse to find out more today!



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