Get More Customers With A Mobile Responsive Website Design

web-designAnyone looking for goods or services online judges a business by their website. Web Design is the process of creating a website to best represent your business, brand, products, and services. It involves using many important elements to be user-friendly, functional, and to be an effective representation of your brand or an online extension of your office. Having a mobile responsive website, means your visitors will not have trouble viewing your site regardless of what type of device they may be using. With over 63% of all online searches being generated today via smartphones, it’s very important your website be mobile responsive to compete in today’s online landscape. Our mobile responsive website designs will reduce bounce rates, drive more traffic and increase conversions leading to more sales for your company.

Make Sure Your Website Design is Mobile Friendly

If not, your website will be affected with Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update which goes into effect on April 21st of 2015. Click here Search Engine Land to read more about Google’s impending new algorithm update and the impact it will have on websites that are not mobile friendly.  Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Click here Mobile-Friendly to test your website now. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you need to consider redesigning your website right away. If not, be prepared to lose visibility on Google for mobile related searches which account for nearly two thirds of all online search queries today.

Why Choose Source Media Group For Your Website Design in Shreveport and Sedona?

Responsive website design is a rather new technology which only started to gain popularity in 2012. Therefore, not many service providers have acquired the technical knowledge and capabilities to produce mobile responsive websites like we have.

Choosing Source Media Group, LLC as your website design provider eliminates the need for you to build and develop the technical know-how and tools required to build a mobile responsive website. It also removes the need for you to hire and train a team which can be very expensive and time consuming.

Our web designers and developers have extensive website design experience and are at the forefront of emerging technologies, tools and applications in mobile responsive web design. Take a look at our website portfolio to preview our competency in designing mobile responsive websites.

We believe that understanding our customers’ needs and objectives are crucial to providing superior services. Therefore, we take the time to know your business, brand, products/services, target market, customers and your competitors. We factor all of these elements into our web design strategy and recommend the right solution for your business. By doing this, we can ensure your website will convert and deliver the ideal customers you need to grow your business.

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