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Google Panda

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic” search results.

Google is the leading search engine with over 65% market share, an effective SEO campaign demands a through understanding of the zoo of software tools (Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird algorithms) and 150+ ranking factors. Google and other search engines are continuously developing how to display the most relevant search results for online searchers.

As the leading search engine, it is critical to keep up with Google’s best practices and along with of Bing and Yahoo standards as well. Failure to do so could lead to your website getting penalized resulting in poor rankings for many of the search terms you want to rank for in the search engines.

Get Expert SEO Services In Shreveport LA and Sedona AZ

We create quality SEO content that speaks to your target audience. We focus on creating content that is valuable to your target market – not keyword-stuffed and unreadable articles! One type of content we produce is promotional-based content, which is targeted to your existing and potential customers. This content will contain anything from promos, coupons, sales, and current discounts you have to offer. We create blog posts that your prospects want to share with their friends. We create press releases, company updates, and industry news that make your prospects more interested in your products and services. We want your prospects to think positively of you. Custom quality SEO content has a positive effect on audience attitude, says 90 % of CMOs asked by the Custom Content Council.

At Source Media Group, we offer an in-depth SEO consultation, first and foremost. We are committed to help you become much more successful and for your business to grow. Furthermore, we want to thoroughly understand what your business is about, who your target customers are, and how we can meet their needs. This way, we are aligned with your goals from the moment we get started with your SEO services campaign. We’ll propose ways on how we can help you based on the research we do and our free consultation with you. We want to gain your trust by displaying our intelligence and show you performance through our professional execution. If people think we are passionate about the marketing industry, they should see how passionate we are about our clients’ marketing. We want to be responsible for your success and help your company to grow. You will never find this level of quality and commitment from other SEO providers in our price range.

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