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 New powerful online course reveals a proven way to get more customers, clients, or patients with social media.

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Here's a sample of what's included in this FREE preview of our Facebook Groups course:

Secret 1: Why your business needs a Facebook Group

Secret 2: What niche you should serve

Secret 3: How to architect your Group for profits

This is what you get in your FREE Preview
SMGi Facebook Course

Complete Module 1 (three complete lessons) and course notes

See how to grow your Facebook Groups followers into raging fans and buying customers, clients, or patients

See the money making strategies and actionable notes for your own Facebook business Groups

Unlock this new strategy to get more and repeat customers


Here Is What's In Our Complete Facebook Groups Mastery Course!

Module 1

Build Your Following, Build Your Business

Module 2

The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Building your Group

Module 3

Problems Are The Solution to a Successful Group

Module 4

Taking Group Profits to the Next Level
  • Each Module has notes for you to take ACTION
  • 16 information packed lessons
  • Several resource files to help grow your Business Group
  • Limited Time BONUS - Private Facebook Group for course members with more strategies and answers to your questions
See What Is In The Complete Online Course
Today Your Can Increase Your Business With Your Ideal Customer in Facebook Groups
When you join our Facebook Groups course for Small Business Owners today you get access to our full training library where we will walk you through everything you need to know to bring in more customers, more repeat sales, and more revenue all within the next 30 days.
What Some Of Our Course Customers Are Saying...
SMGi Facebook Course

Gil N.

I thought I new how to market in FB, but after taking this course I see how to leverage FB Groups to get more customers for my business and make more raving fans.

SMGi Facebook Course

Eugene T.

Thanks to this course I learned that creating a Facebook Group would be an effective marketing strategy tool. I don't need to spend to Boost and promote my posts on Facebook. 

Have A Question?  Where Here to Help

While the video lessons in the members area are 100% step-by-step and ultra easy to follow, we are always available to you if you run into any problems. That is why we have for those investing in the complete Facebook (FB) Groups Mastery course there is a FREE Private FB Groups to answer your questions. Consider us your go-to helping hand while you build out your new FB Groups page for your business.

Will this course still work for me even if I have no Facebook Groups experience?

A - We have designed this course in a simple step-by-step fashion so anyone will be able to build their own FB Groups page with no previous experience. With our system you will be able to build your own profitable FB Groups page and market that Group page by yourself after watching the training videos. If you can check your FB personal page, you can totally do this.


How do get to the Private Facebook Groups page?

A - When you purchased your complete course, we automatically email you the link to the "SMGi - FB Group Course Members Group".  We should approve FB Group request with in 24 hours.


Will this course always be available for access once purchased?

A - Customers purchasing this course have lifetime access to entire course and materials.

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If after finishing the complete course  you are not satisfied with the valuable and actionable information to design, build, and maintain your Facebook Groups course, email us for a complete refund.


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