About Us

Larry Battin is the principal leader at Source Media Group, LLC (SMG).  Larry is an online and reputation marketing specialist and works with local business owners to help build and market their online reputation, turning customers into raving fans.


Larry is an Air Force veteran having severed 20 years in the US, Pacific, and Europe. He also worked for a Fortune 250 company for 14 years as a senior test engineer and marketed technical services to US government and commercial companies.




Eugene Trono is our program management lead and comes with a diverse program management experience in the automotive, commodities, and financial industries. Eugene coordinates and manages all of our marketing campaigns along with our online and reputation marketing workforce.




Our strategy is simple:

We help businesses grow by managing the 4 most important assets of their business – their Email list, their Social Media List, and their Pixel List. That leads to the most CRITICAL asset which is a business’s 5-star reputation online. We then focus to build the business’s reputation and that market to get more customers, clients, and patients. When a business manages those assets correctly they can have explosive growth.